BIG IDEA: Christ’s Spirit empowers churches to resist cultural compromise

While this city did not contain Satan’s literal throne, this “ancient serpent” (as he is called later in
Revelation 20:2) had clearly set up operations in Pergamum.

Balaam helped Balak weaken God’s people by getting them involved in idolatry and sexual immorality, 2 issues which have been making God’s people weak and vulnerable since the beginning.

A faithful man-plus-woman marriage then is meant to be a signpost which draws attention to God’s faithful, intimate involvement with creation. Morality (sexual or otherwise) is mostly about worship, not rules.

Understanding that our morality is influenced by what we love or want most and not how we’re told to behave, God offers us salvation through the loving sacrifice of His Son and not through the law (cf. Romans 8:3).